Beauty and the Beast – Vernal



Adults are age 12 and up. Children are usually ages 3 to 11. Any child who takes a seat must have a ticket. Those, under 3, who sit on a lap and do not take up a seat are not required to have a ticket.


Monday Night-Family Night

What a great night to go see a live musical with the whole family–Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! 8 PM at the Outlaw Trail Amphitheater @ Western Park, 302 E 200 S. Click “Buy Tickets Now” below to get your reserved tickets now (all seats are reserved)–you’ll save $1 per ticket if you buy online or pick them up at the Uintah County Heritage Museum in Vernal, 155 E Main St..

Broadway Under the Stars–it’s the best!

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Adults are age 12 and up. Children are usually ages 3 to 11. Any child who takes a seat must have a ticket. Those, under 3, who sit on a lap and do not take up a seat are not required to have a ticket.



Saturday Night’s Alright for Beauty and the Beast!

Lots of great seats available tonight, Saturday night, at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Many times we think that Saturday night will be the biggest show of the week–but history has proved that notion wrong year after year at the Outlaw Trail Theaters shows. Saturday’s audiences have nearly always been just a little bit smaller than Friday’s.

For whatever reason, there are plenty of great sets available–so don’t hesitate if you are giving any thought at all to going to see the show on Saturday night. Just click on “Buy Tickets Now” below and you can pick your seats, print your tickets and head to the amphitheater. The show begins at 8 PM.

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There’s Nothing Like Outdoor Theater

It doesn’t really matter how you look at it–there’s nothing like live theater–then stick it outdoors under the stars, or under a big moon and it can be magic! Is it perfect? No, there are a lot of limitations and things that have to be dealt with differently that indoor theater–but there are some freedoms with it too. Pyrotechnics, live animals, guns with real gunpowder–lots of things that are easier to do outdoors. The difficulties: wind, rain, dust, neighborhood and overhead (aerial) noise. The extras: a sky full of stars, the moon coming up behind the set during the show, the smell of summer blossoms in the air,  a slight breeze.

Everybody enjoys a good story. Remember when you were young and playing with your friends as you acted out a story, whether it was from something you had been told or something you were just making up as you went. Now remember what it was like to do that same thing with your friends–but take it outside on a summer night in the shadows and darkness. It’s more fun, more exciting, more frightening, more memorable.Moon and clouds

Come let us share a story with you. It doesn’t matter your age–a good story is a good story. We will take you to another time and place and help you escape for a couple of hours. You can hold hands with a close friend, laugh together, jump at scary noises and get lost in the music.

There’s nothing like it! Come see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Outlaw Trail Amphitheater at Western Park, 8 PM nightly through July 3rd (no Sunday show). It’ll be something that you’ll remember for a long time.

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Opening Night – We Made It!

Well, we did it. Opening night of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was a great success–thanks to 42 fantastic actors-singers-dancers and over 45 behind-the-scenes folks that made it all come true. Nearly 90 people pulled off a great show!

It was the largest opening night audience ever–and what a great audience they were! Ticket sales are brisk and moving steadily every day. There are plenty of great seats available–and they’re all great seats because they are all reserved. If folks get on the internet right away–not only will they be able to reserve great seats (favorite seats) but they’ll save $1 per ticket to boot. One can still get great seats at the gate, but with the popularity of this show, chances are much better to reserve them early.

Ten nights to go!

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Ticket Sales – Ready to Go!


We are up and ready to go with ticket sales for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, June 22nd through July 3rd. We’re very happy to announce our relationship with our new ticket vendor, Vendini.

You may purchase tickets through the website at, get them at the Uintah County Heritage Museum, 155 East Main Street or purchase them directly from our Facebook page at Look for the “Buy Tickets” tab near the top, right under the banner in the middle–2 spots over from “Timeline”.

Of course, you’ll be able to get tickets at the gate (most likely) if you wait until you get there. Buying tickets in advance will save you $1 per ticket, though–that’s buying them anywhere except at the gate… even on the same day of the event.

You may print your tickets at home or choose “Mobile Delivery” and have them sent straight to your smart device. You can then transfer tickets to friends or family, too. Buying for someone else? That’s no problem either!

Handicap accessible seats are available (this has an outside arm on the chair that may be raised to slide into the seat) with companion seating available beside them. There are also wheelchair spaces available and companion seats reserved by those. You must go through the box office at the amphitheater, though, or call the toll-free number to make arrangements for those (888-240-2080).

Group rates are available for 20 or more tickets–it’s automatic if you buy 20+ tickets either online, at the museum or at the gate.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – In Vernal!


The 2015 summer production of the Outlaw Trail Theater will be Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! Be Our Guest! Broadway Under the Stars comes to you in our 29th season. The Academy Award-winning film comes to life in this romantic and beloved take on the classic fairytale.

Tickets are on sale HERE! Mark your calendar now!


New Rehearsal Schedule Page


Please click on “Rehearsal Schedules” in the menu at the top of the page to see what’s coming up.

Remember, we have a Facebook page under “Outlaw Trail Theater” which is public info. We also have a Facebook Group called “Outlaw Trail Theater Cast & Crew“. You will need to request to join the group, then you will be approved and become a member.

Please let Christina (our Stage Manager) know of any scheduling conflicts or changes.