Projection and Breath Control

HERE is a good article on projection and breath control–something we’re always harping on at the Outlaw Trail Theater. When we go outdoors on our stage, we lose 98% of any reflection we might have gotten from our voice inside. Our voices disappear into the cosmos if we don’t learn how to project them. The microphones are there to help–but they can’t overcome a line said softly. Remember, we also compete with the rodeo arena, overhead aircraft, street traffic, convention center events–all kinds of stuff.

Think about it–and work on it.

First Read/Sing Through

Hey! Everybody that is in the new cast of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for the summer 2015 Outlaw Trail Theater–tonight is our first read through. Scripts and music will be checked out. Costumers will be measuring folks–all kinds of hubbub will be going on.

Please be ready to sit down and get going at 7 PM–in the Western Park Ice Arena (where you all auditioned). Wear something comfy (and warm). It will be a fun night, getting to know each other and jumping into this wonderful production. Bring a pencil–maybe a notebook. You may want to bring a camp or lawn chair to sit on (the metal Western Park chairs are kinda hard)

If you are not already a member–you may want to join our “Outlaw Trail Theater Cast and Crew” group on Facebook. A lot of info gets around through that channel. We will also talk about other communication channels tonight.

Characters in Beauty and the Beast

Here are the characters in Beauty and the Beast as listed in the script. The music also lists “Female 1 through 12” and “Male 1 through 12”–most of which will be made up of the townspeople and servants listed below. But, as you can see, it’s going to be a fairly good sized cast.

NARRATOR, a voiceover during the Prologue

YOUNG MAN, a selfish prince

OLD BEGGAR WOMAN, an enchantress in disguise

BELLE, a smart, plucky young woman from a provincial town

MAURICE, an inventor and Belle’s father

TOWNSPEOPLE, including Aristocratic Lady, Fish Man, Egg Man, Sausage Curl Girl, Baker, Lady with Cane, Lady with Baby, Candle Man, Hat Seller, Milkmaid, Shepherd Boy, Bookseller, Silly Girls, Gaston’s Cronies, a Mother, Villager

GASTON, a pompous and dim-witted “ladies man”

LEFOU, a dim-witted lackey to Gaston

MONSIEUR D’ARQUE, proprietor of the lunatic asylum

COGSWORTH, an English major-domo of the castle who is becoming a mantle clock

LUMIERE, a French Maitre d’ who is becoming a candelabra

BABETTE, a maid who is becoming a feather duster

MRS. POTTS, a cook who is becoming a teapot

CHIP, Mrs. Potts’s son, who is becoming a teacup

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE, an opera singer who is becoming a wardrobe

SERVANTS, including Caryatids, Flatware, Napkins, Dust Pail, Egg Timer

THE BEAST, master of the castle who used to be a prince

Les Miserables Cast List

Cast List There were 110 people that auditioned for Les Misérables… a cast of 50-60 is what the production staff called for. So, unfortunately, not everyone that auditioned was selected. We thank you so much for your talent and your willingness to prepare and put yourself through that extremely difficult process. If you didn’t make it, don’t be discouraged. There will be other opportunities to audition and you are sure to find your role if you continue to work hard. Thank you again.

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Please wait graphic

We’re hearing that a lot… “Waiting Is the Hardest Part”… from those who audition for a show. It’s true! You spend a lot of time, energy and emotion preparing your audition song… you wait to attend the audition date of your choice… you finally get there… and wait. It could be 2 minutes and it could be 2 hours. Then you wait for the auditors (nasty word) to get ready to give you their attention, make small talk with you, try to get the camera working, get the accompanist set up or get the sound equipment working, etc.. Then it finally comes… and it’s over in two minutes. You are thanked and summarily dismissed. Now…. the worst waiting begins. Maybe the stomach never stops churning. Maybe you can’t sleep… or at least not for long. Maybe they didn’t like your audition. Maybe they won’t give you the part you really want. Maybe you forgot to turn off the iron!

It’s horrible! Why can’t we just get on with it??!!!

The production staff has to wait, too! What if nobody comes to auditions? What if there’s nobody that can sing that part the way I imagined it? What if we don’t get enough men? What if somebody drops out after they’ve been cast? What if we can’t get enough of an audience to come to the show and pay the bills? What if most of the town misses the biggest production we’ve ever taken on?

Then the hardest part on that side of the coin… who do I turn down for that great part? Who’s feelings are going to be hurt? Who will hate me forever and never come back to do one of our shows again? Whose relatives will shun me now because of what I did? Who will be talking smack about me and the organization? It never ends…


Because… we love it. Not the audition part… that’s the worst… for everyone. But we love the process, the project, the creation, the telling of the story. And most of all… we love the end result– the applause, the laughter, the tears, the joy and the illusion. We love the temporary escape, the friendships built and the memories that will be kept forever. For good and for bad… we love it.

Vote: Favorite Female from Les Misérables

Vote for your favorite female Les Misérables character..

Which Female Les Misérables Character Do You Feel Most Connected To? free polls 


Summer 2014 Show

The pressure has begun… multiple people are asking daily… what show is the Outlaw Trail Theater doing next summer? The prognostications and the speculations are Brobdingnagian and interminable.

That’s okay, though. We’re glad that people are interested… very interested. And we like hearing your ideas. Whatever we do… it will be a blast.

Let us know what you’re hearing at Wal-mart or on the street. Over the years, we’ve heard some interesting things come back about what we’re doing or who’s directing, etc. Uintah High School is doing Aida… so, we won’t be doing Aida this summer. Also, Anything Goes and Joseph… aren’t on the immediate list, even though they were a ton of fun and would be fun to do again.

We have done 21 outdoor shows over the last 27 years (some shows were repeated). Which one was your favorite?