Characters in Beauty and the Beast

Here are the characters in Beauty and the Beast as listed in the script. The music also lists “Female 1 through 12” and “Male 1 through 12”–most of which will be made up of the townspeople and servants listed below. But, as you can see, it’s going to be a fairly good sized cast.

NARRATOR, a voiceover during the Prologue

YOUNG MAN, a selfish prince

OLD BEGGAR WOMAN, an enchantress in disguise

BELLE, a smart, plucky young woman from a provincial town

MAURICE, an inventor and Belle’s father

TOWNSPEOPLE, including Aristocratic Lady, Fish Man, Egg Man, Sausage Curl Girl, Baker, Lady with Cane, Lady with Baby, Candle Man, Hat Seller, Milkmaid, Shepherd Boy, Bookseller, Silly Girls, Gaston’s Cronies, a Mother, Villager

GASTON, a pompous and dim-witted “ladies man”

LEFOU, a dim-witted lackey to Gaston

MONSIEUR D’ARQUE, proprietor of the lunatic asylum

COGSWORTH, an English major-domo of the castle who is becoming a mantle clock

LUMIERE, a French Maitre d’ who is becoming a candelabra

BABETTE, a maid who is becoming a feather duster

MRS. POTTS, a cook who is becoming a teapot

CHIP, Mrs. Potts’s son, who is becoming a teacup

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE, an opera singer who is becoming a wardrobe

SERVANTS, including Caryatids, Flatware, Napkins, Dust Pail, Egg Timer

THE BEAST, master of the castle who used to be a prince

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