Summer 2014 Show

The pressure has begun… multiple people are asking daily… what show is the Outlaw Trail Theater doing next summer? The prognostications and the speculations are Brobdingnagian and interminable.

That’s okay, though. We’re glad that people are interested… very interested. And we like hearing your ideas. Whatever we do… it will be a blast.

Let us know what you’re hearing at Wal-mart or on the street. Over the years, we’ve heard some interesting things come back about what we’re doing or who’s directing, etc. Uintah High School is doing Aida… so, we won’t be doing Aida this summer. Also, Anything Goes and Joseph… aren’t on the immediate list, even though they were a ton of fun and would be fun to do again.

We have done 21 outdoor shows over the last 27 years (some shows were repeated). Which one was your favorite?

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