There’s Nothing Like Outdoor Theater

It doesn’t really matter how you look at it–there’s nothing like live theater–then stick it outdoors under the stars, or under a big moon and it can be magic! Is it perfect? No, there are a lot of limitations and things that have to be dealt with differently that indoor theater–but there are some freedoms with it too. Pyrotechnics, live animals, guns with real gunpowder–lots of things that are easier to do outdoors. The difficulties: wind, rain, dust, neighborhood and overhead (aerial) noise. The extras: a sky full of stars, the moon coming up behind the set during the show, the smell of summer blossoms in the air,  a slight breeze.

Everybody enjoys a good story. Remember when you were young and playing with your friends as you acted out a story, whether it was from something you had been told or something you were just making up as you went. Now remember what it was like to do that same thing with your friends–but take it outside on a summer night in the shadows and darkness. It’s more fun, more exciting, more frightening, more memorable.Moon and clouds

Come let us share a story with you. It doesn’t matter your age–a good story is a good story. We will take you to another time and place and help you escape for a couple of hours. You can hold hands with a close friend, laugh together, jump at scary noises and get lost in the music.

There’s nothing like it! Come see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Outlaw Trail Amphitheater at Western Park, 8 PM nightly through July 3rd (no Sunday show). It’ll be something that you’ll remember for a long time.

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